Charged Particles

Now, every NFT can contain digital assets.

What’s in your NFT?

The Composability Protocol That’s Sparking a DeFi Revolution

Charged Particles is the groundbreaking protocol that lets you put digital assets inside your NFTs. Now, ordinary NFTs (think neutral molecules) can contain a digital "charge" inside — ERC20, ERC721 or ERC1155 — giving you the unprecedented power to create nested NFTs. If you can digitize it, you can deposit it into your NFTs.

What is particlon?

Particlon is the first generative NFT drop from Charged Particles, powered by VASI (Virtual Art Systems & Integration).

Each avatar has it’s own unique attributes which correlate with the planet they derive from. 


Igniting Endless NFT Possibilities

For Projects

Embed functional utility into your NFTs and set your project apart. Add composability into your ecosystem to enable possibilities such as brand new DeFi mechanics, gamification, time-locked tokens, and more!   

For DeFi

Interest-bearing DeFi NFTs, time-locked vesting capsules, trust funds, bonds, and NFTs filled with whole portfolios of assets.

Make your DeFi tool kit significantly more robust with Charged Particles.   

For Platforms

Looking to build the next wave of blockchain innovation? Composability is a vital layer of the Web 3.0 stack.   Whether it’s art, music, gaming, fashion, finance, or infrastructure, you’ll want the NFTs on your platform to be as cutting edge as they come.  

For Creators

From bundled assets and collections of works to immersive storytelling and community-oriented games, Nested NFTs let you build new depth into your creations. Unlock the most intricate woven art you can imagine.


 Decentralized organizations are leading the Web 3.0 charge and harboring incredible innovation. 
Empower your DAO with NFT accounting infrastructure, nested membership cards, time-locked vesting, and other cutting edge down tools.


How can you ‘Charge’ your NFT?

NFT Bundles

Whether it's a bundle of your favorite PFPs, a complete collection of art, POAPs from all the conferences you’ve attended, or rare accessories for your in-game characters, NFT bundles make it easy to keep everything connected.


Earn interest inside your NFTs! Building a DeFi savings account for yourself or a family member? Leveraging your project for charitable giving? Or maybe storing royalties in different NFT accounts? Whatever your goals, DeFi NFTs can empower you to get there! 

Utility NFTs

Weave together brand new NFT utility infrastructures by nesting tokens from your project or community. Membership, access, and gameplay mechanics just got a whole lot more robust!

Projects using our protocol

Web3 Content Network


The Cortex App is the gateway to a new Web3 for content all built on the upcoming Cortex Network: a scalable, provable, private, user-centric and affordable network for publishing, finding and updating content.

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Music Distribution

Unchained Music

0 % fees for the musicians. Royalties are converted to stablecoins, which earn interest for the distribution service until claimed by the musician.

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Refi Project

Grandmother Grove

Grandmother Grove utilizes Charged Particles DeFi NFTs to supercharge regenerative forestry with their partner Eden Projects.

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Crafting Game

Book of Alchemy

Charged Particles Gaming Guild’s flagship project, Book of Alchemy, is pushing the boundaries of composability and story-telling

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First Nested Generative


The first Generative- Energizable ("Genergizable") PFP drop! They contain Particlon Utility Tokens ($PUT) at mint, with the unlimited capacity to hold further tokens.

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Use Case 01

Interest-Bearing NFTs

  • Deposit tokens supported by Aave that then get converted to aTokens by the protocol into an NFT to create yield-bearing assets.
  • The interest generated from this asset is programmable, which means you have control over the principle and the interest earned; send it, keep it, save it.
  • You have the option to time-lock the interest-bearing tokens and come back to it in a year, or another designated amount of time to collect your cumulative gains.
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Use Case 02

Nested NFTs

  • Create a brand new asset class known as a Nested NFT. Bring to life a collection of NFTs all housed within one single NFT.
  • These can hold not only layers of value, but even deeper meaning as well. Empowering artists and creators. The only limit is your imagination.
  • Collaborating in new ways, telling complex stories intertwined, all inside the NFT. Bringing new mechanics to the world of art, gaming, finance, the Metaverse, and much more.
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Use Case 03


  • NFTs used as in-game items. The power of the in-game item could be dependent on the amount of "charge" the NFT holds.
  • Charged Particles has the potential to eliminate the whole "Pay to Win" mechanic of gaming.
  • Even a “Common” item can eventually build up enough power (via its charge) to compete with legendary items without paying for it.
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Use Case 04

Gift Basket

  • You can create an NFT and use it as a repository for your family members’ growing crypto stash.
  • This could look like an NFT-based savings account for your child / family member.
  • Whenever they’re ready, you can transfer the whole basket to them with a simple, single transaction.
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Additional Use Cases

Virtual Geocaching
Take part in treasure hunts for hidden NFTs in the Metaverse! When the NFT geocache is found, you get to discharge the accrued interest and leave your name. The NFT stays for the next person to find. The longer it takes, the more accumulated interest "charge" to gain!

Entertainment NFTs
Create baskets of trading cards based on celebrities who have social tokens, and the NFTs contain some amounts of their token.

Charity-Focused Art Sales
Design an NFT of which a portion of the interest-generated "charge" can in perpetuity pay out to charity
(or any ETH address).

Positively Cutting-Edge

The fusion of art and finance, the Charged Particles protocol lets you leverage innovative technology to redefine what it means to create, own, share, and expect from an NFT. Get more out of your NFTs — way more!

You’re in charge.

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Explore Our DApp

Create, Curate & Nest NFTS on the Charged Particles Protocol

Mint an NFT

Mint an NFT with functionality you can’t find anywhere else on Ethereum or Polygon. Our minting station is non-custodial and supported by a community that deeply believes in decentralization.

Create a truly unique NFT with financial leverage, programmability, nesting capabilities, charitable functionality, and much, much more. Learn more about how to use the DApp on our FAQ page.

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Charged News

Exploring New Utilities for the IONX Token

What’s Next for the Charged Particles Utility Token? Historically the token has been used primarily for governance.
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Smart Wallet Liquidity Mining, Launches Lepton Functionality

We have simultaneously achieved Liquidity Mining within NFTs and a yield boosting NFT called a Lepton
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What Three Years Building NFT Smart Wallets Has Taught Us

NFT Composability Expert Rob Secord gives a deep dive into the fundamentals, features, security.
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"We believe that Charged Particles will be an integral part of the NFT ecosystem, especially in the intersection of finance and creativity. It will unlock new possibilities for creators, artists, and developers to use NFTs in ways we have not yet seen before."
TM Lee
Co-Founder & CEO at CoinGecko
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"Try explaining the ubiquity of websites in the 90s and that's how forward thinking Charged Particles is in the world of DeFi, NFTs, and the Metaverse."
DeFi Dad
DeFi Educator, CMO at 4RC
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"I think we are just starting to scratch the surface of what NFTs can be and Charged Particles is really pushing the envelope of what you can do with them.  I think it's a unique and useful primitive that will unlock new ways to tokenize value."

Tyler Ward
BarnBridge & Universe.XYZ

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